RubyNation Returns for our 8th Year!

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June 12-13, The RubyNation Conference will once again bring the best of Ruby to the Mid-Atlantic. Join 270 ruby friends for two days of Ruby and related technologies in the Nation's capital.


Sarah mei Sarah Mei

Nick quaranto Nick Quaranto

Godfrey chan Godfrey Chan

André arko André Arko

Mike bernstein Mike Bernstein

Aaron quint Aaron Quint

Starr horne Starr Horne

Piotr solnica Piotr Solnica

Dana jones Dana Jones

Julian cheal Julian Cheal

Chris mar Chris Mar

Kevin hopkins Kevin Hopkins

Betsy haibel Betsy Haibel

Simon van dyk Simon van Dyk

Allison mcmillan Allison McMillan

Pj hagerty PJ Hagerty

Kyle fritz Kyle Fritz

Alex coles Alex Coles

Jamie gaskins Jamie Gaskins

Hiro asari Hiro Asari

Maria gutierrez Maria Gutierrez

Christopher sexton Christopher Sexton

See our speaker details page to learn more about each speaker and their talks.

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Rails Girls DC!

We will once again partner with Rails Girls DC for a training day on June 11th, the day prior to RubyNation.

Visit the Rails Girls DC Site!